This is Homegirl Kitchen, Elle’s journey from takeout queen to private chef and culinarian. Join my journey as I work my way from velveeta shells and cheese to working under Michelin starred and James Beard chefs.

Hello! Welcome if you’re new. Thank you if you were just as excited to see recipes as I was posting them for you. I’ve gotten quite a few emails regarding my blog and I want to let you know that your support meant a lot. During my time away so much has happened- including my original website being deleted. Luckily, I’m replacing and updating all of the recipes and sharing them here.

Where were you, homegirl? I had to do L I F E. During the pandemic, I realized how burnt out I’d become from working full time, taking classes full time to prepare for grad school, and keeping track of all that comes with Homegirl Kitchen. I felt like I was working hard to get so much done that in the end I was left tired with not as much growth. Through therapy, prayer, and just believing in myself I decided to follow my heart and true passion. Over the years cooking has become so much more than a passion. I spend time studying new concepts and testing my skills in the kitchen.

Last summer, I made the decision to quit my job and become a full-time culinarian. I enrolled in culinary school and spent my first semester learning from Master Chefs. I then started a career as a line cook for a popular Michelin-starred chef in Detroit. Following my passion and taking this leap helped reduce complications from IBS and Colitis as well as eased my anxiety and helped me recover from burnout. It really does take years.

I’m excited to share my journey with you through recipes, podcast episodes, virtual cooking classes*, and share some of my work in culinary school and as a private chef*.

Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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